Dungeon Stalker 2 : The Crypt, Level 3 Map!


There we go : one more map from Dungeon Stalker 2 is unveiled! Have fun, and don’t get lost in the crypts!

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  • arnav  says:

    Loads n loads of thanks

    • pansoft  says:

      you welcome! :)

  • arnav  says:

    Sorry to bother you again, bt the time i couldn’t find the skull key at level 2 of overlord castle…there’s a teleporter jst behind the locked door
    please help

  • arnav  says:


  • arnav  says:

    Thanx again

  • Yekser  says:

    I’m completely lost ! I had to find some pendant of void for this nymoroth guy! Searched the whole crypt for that! But was unable to find it! And how do we open that gate in that dragon queen’s lair?

    • pansoft  says:

      Hey there, the Dragoness Spirit wants you to find 4 Creature Remains. Once you complete this questline, the pendant of the void will be found. Let me know if you need anymore infos!

      • gary fisher  says:

        I freed the Dragoness Spirit but never found the pendant, all I find are rings so where is the pendant at?

        • pansoft  says:

          Hi! If you ‘freed’ the dragoness, and survived, you should be finind the pendant as loot :)

      • Charlie  says:

        Went thru all 5 lvls of the crypt. found 44 remains of dragoness, talked to spirit. can’t find the pendant of the void, can’t leave the essence at the alter…What am I doing wrong????

        • pansoft  says:

          The pendant of the void is dropped by the Dragoness Spirit. Accept the remains quest and talk to her…:)

  • kathie kimball  says:

    Very nice article, just what I needed.

  • kolyambrus  says:

    You said spirit must help! I found only one remain, accepted… And nothing

    • pansoft  says:

      The first remain is giving you a quest. There are 4 remains scattered on all Crypt levels. Once you get all of them, the spirit at the bottom of the Crypt will help you.

  • Kristian  says:

    I have three problems one I’m doing the quest for Nymoroth to find the pendant of the void but searched on both levels one and two in the crypt. Two I accepted the quest for finding all the remains of the dragon queen, but I searched on both levels one and two and it wasn’t complete. Three I keep hearing people talking about a third level in the crypt but I’ve been everywhere and can’t find a third passage or set of stairs.

  • Kristian  says:

    Where do I find the dragoness spirit?

    • pansoft  says:

      She’s imprisoned, in the very last level of the crypts

    • Kristian  says:

      Thanks so much!!!!!!

  • Michael Condron  says:

    Hello, can anyone help? Loving the game but totally stuck! On lvl 3 of the crypt, and my only way to get forward is to go thru a teleporter to a room, far left on map, FULL of zombies and gargoyles…have tried going in buffed, with a shield, and running to get some room to fight, but I last about 3 seconds every time. Is there somewhere I can buy health potions? Or a way to max out my health so I live long enough to fight back? I have the skull key, and have looked at the map, but can’t find any way to get to the silver key without going thru this deathtrap of a room…pls help!

    • pansoft  says:

      I’ll be adding a potion vendor soon. In the meanwhile, I would advies of pinning enemies from the distance with a bow or using magic…at least you can remove some of the less resistant ones?

  • kaitlin  says:

    i need help im stuck on dungeon stalker 2 i accepted the quest to find the zombie bones for the guy in the villiage my problem is i have 1 bone left in my inventory and its just sitting there taking up space and it wont let me drop it how do i fix this because when i talk to the guy he just tells me to leave

    • pansoft  says:

      That was unexpected :P I’ll be adding a way of selling any more bones to him so that you can get rid of the extra ones.

  • ben  says:

    I keep getting killed by the dragoness spirit

    with one blow im gone

    help please !

    • pansoft  says:

      Hi! The trick is to use the ‘Ice Shard Spell’ from far away so that her attack speed will get slower and slower. Once the spell has landed 3 or 4 times, you can cycle from melle back to magic until she’s dead. Don’t forget to pick up the pendant!

  • ben  says:

    thanks !

  • Darren  says:

    Been fine all the way thru Crypt LVL 1. Can’t open door past the fireball, and can’t move across spikes. Even have extra wood I bought to bridge gap. All buttons pushed. I must be missing something easy. Any clues?

    • pansoft  says:

      Hi there! there is a button wall around…look carefully : it will open a passage!

  • jaybee  says:

    How do you get past the room with the skeleton key? I keep getting massacred every time i go in, ive already tried leveling up to level 32 but i still keep dying! Please help me!

    • pansoft  says:

      Hi! You can try moving in circles to group up enemies and then use any AOE attack to kill many of them simultaneusly. I suggest trying “Thorns” or “Condemn” : check out the full spell list.

  • subang  says:

    Hey there!
    im at lower prison level 5, and it seems i have to find a skull key to open a gate..but i cant find it anywhere.
    please help.

  • Glenn  says:

    Guys, could you pls help me by telling me how to restart the crypt lvl 4 i think because I was stock in the middle of 4 enemies and every time I will try to continue I was dead and it will just repeat and dead again in just a second so meaning I can’t continue the game… pls help me…

    • pansoft  says:

      Hi there, you are dead right at start? Or its simply because there are too many enemies where you saved? Either way, pack your saved game to the cloud and send the file to games-at-pansoftgames-dot-com and I’ll see what I can do to help your character ;)

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