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Dungeon Stalker 2 : New version under certification!


A brand new version of Dungeon Stalker 2, with both fixed and updates has been submitted for certification! Check out the patch notes below!

+ Texture and lights improvements on prison and cemetery levels. More to come!
+ Low level mobs will still drop needed quest items even when player is...

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : Windows 8 version now available!


Moving to the Windows 8 store took a little longer than expected : Dungeon Stalker 2 has a lot of screens and mechanics that must be adapted to a bigger screen to work, but at last I’m happy to say that its here, and its FREE! Enjoy!!

After many years since the death of the Dragon Queen, a new menac...

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : New version ready for the cloud!


Version 1.5.4 of Dungeon Stalker 2 for Windows Phone is ready to be submitted for certification...

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : The Crypt, Level 3 Map!


There we go : one more map from Dungeon Stalker 2 is unveiled! Have fun, and don’t get lost in the crypts!

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : Lower Prison, Level 5 Map!


To help all the adventurers out there, here’s the map for┬áthe lowest level of the lowest prison: don’t forget to pick up the Book of Summoning to complete the quest for Fayne in Bunhat!

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : Version 1.4 ready for certification


Version 1.4 of Dungeon Stalker 2 is getting ready for certification! The final tests should end this week and after that there will be the Windows Phone Marketplace certification phase.

The new version features are :

- New callback spell added! You can now teleport back to town anytime for sho...

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : First running build on Windows 8!


The interface surrounding the game will need a significant rewrite (*hint* T.I.T.A.N. *hint*) to adjust to bigger screens. I may need bigger and more detailed textures and models…but the basic of the game is up and running on my surface and here is a very early 1366×768 screenshot! Once again, big t...

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : Character Stats


Your Dungeon Stalker 2 character have many different stats, each increasing his combat and survival abilities. What are they used for? Continue reading for a full explanation!

Please note that some of the descriptions have a 1...

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