T.I.T.A.N. and RIZING being updated!


Both T.I.T.A.N. and RIZING are receiving an update as we speak and should hit marketplace in the following 24 hours. After some testing on less capable devices I’ve realized that Advertising juggling was just hindering gaming performance and decided to drop it on both games.

Enjoy the update!

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : New version under certification!


A brand new version of Dungeon Stalker 2, with both fixed and updates has been submitted for certification! Check out the patch notes below!

+ Texture and lights improvements on prison and cemetery levels. More to come!
+ Low level mobs will still drop needed quest items even when player is...

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : Windows 8 version now available!


Moving to the Windows 8 store took a little longer than expected : Dungeon Stalker 2 has a lot of screens and mechanics that must be adapted to a bigger screen to work, but at last I’m happy to say that its here, and its FREE! Enjoy!!

After many years since the death of the Dragon Queen, a new menac...

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Dungeon Stalker 2 : New version ready for the cloud!


Version 1.5.4 of Dungeon Stalker 2 for Windows Phone is ready to be submitted for certification...

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T.I.T.A.N. : Version 1.6 on the way to marketplace!


A brand new update is on the way for T.I.T.A.N. with a couple new features and the usual bug fixing :) Be sure to grab your free copy from the Windows Phone Store or the Windows 8 Store!

– New in 1.6!
+ Added option for disabling all dialogues...

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T.I.T.A.N. moving up and up!

Screenshot (7)

T.I.T.A.N. keeps climbing to the top spots of the US store top 100 free games. Let’s hope the trend keep up in the next days!

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Nokia App Hilights


Some of my games have been mentioned among the best italian productions available on Windows Phone! Check out the press by following the link (in italian).


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Dungeon Stalker 2 : The Crypt, Level 3 Map!


There we go : one more map from Dungeon Stalker 2 is unveiled! Have fun, and don’t get lost in the crypts!

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RIZING : Featured on Windows 8 US Store!

Screenshot (2)

There it is, in all its beauty the RIZING icon is right in the store homepage for the Windows 8 US marketplace! Yey! Thanks to everybody enjoying the game!

Don’t forget to plug you USB or wireless XBOX controller for additional fun, even on your brand new Windows Surface ;)

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T.I.T.AN. version 1.5.5 is good to go!


Here comes a brand new update for T.I.T.A.N. bringing new features as well as some needed fixes.

- Full XBOX Controller support on Windows 8 Metro tablets and PCs!
- New weapon : portable mine launcher. Very slow attack, deploys static mines on the floor with a devastating power
- Shopping have bee...

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